Metalized film was invented in the 90s and quickly became a popular style of window tinting. There have been numerous technological advancements that have improved the process so that it is highly effective, affordable and scratch resistant.In addition, metalized films stand alone in terms of durability. These products can be expected to last many years before they wear out, and suitable for both architectural structures and vehicles.

The integrity of metalized film is greater than many other styles of film. It is stronger and less prone to damage. It may not prevent breakage, but if it does break, the film will hold the shattered pieces together. Metalized film has reflective properties that negate the heat-causing properties of those same rays, it reflects harmful UV rays away from the surface and makes the interior cooler. A cooler interior saves on electricity bill and fuel consumption. Metalized film also acts as an effective sunscreen for any home or vehicle.


Ceramic film is a very durable product that stands above its peers in term of durability. It has the highest heat rejection levels compared to other materials, and with excellent clarity. It is much more resilient when it comes to fading, bubbling, cracking, and the ever so common discoloring after years of use. Because it uses no metal of any kind, there is no interference with technology found in modern vehicles.

Ceramic film can be used on any home, office or auto window. The benefit to placing it on the front glass will help cut down heat that radiates through the glass and in turn, reduces air conditioning usage and increase gas mileage.It is also of a higher quality and strength than other materials, and has the ability to hold shattered glass together better than its competition. This makes the products worth the investment if safety is of concern.